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Fox 8 Rocks: Concert Series Gets 'New Legs' for Final Show
Along with a group of artists, chefs and dancers, the hip-hop band Lt. Dan's New Legs plays the final 2008 show of the Fox 8 Rocks summer concert series to the delight of Kenny, Stacey and a group of happy onlookers.

Lieutenant Dan's New Legs:  Stepping It up in Carbondale
by Diana Glenn

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Fox 8 Rocks: Lt. Dan's New Legs
Ohio-based band Lt. Dan's New Legs plays an original tune outside the Rock Hall for our "Fox 8 Rocks" concert series!

Reviews \\ Lt. Dan's New Legs - Written by Ant Standring
3rd February 2008   Tags: Lt. Dan's New Legs,review&id=6091

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Band Gives Underappreciated Songs 'New Legs'
The band rocks Fox 8 in advance of releasing its first all-original CD.

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Lt. Dan's New Legs- Delicious Dance Floor Music
Read the EP review and interview by Ear Candi Magazine

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"Thank you so much for connecting us with LDNL, Aaron and Ishmael. The music was absolutely fabulous the entire evening. I really appreciate your time coming to the hotel to make sure everything is set up and ready to go too. Melissa and Tal had so much fun that Tal asked if we could do an event like the wedding every two years! He said it would give me something to do.

I will certainly recommend my friends contacting you for their kid’s celebrations. If I had a daughter #2, you would be one of the first people I would call.

Take care and thank you again,"

Lt. Dan's New Legs on Fox8 August 19, 2011